Taste Test

Chourico Sandwiches to Satisfy Your Soul

This month we're putting hot, spicy meat in our mouths

The Bay Magazine ·

“Next time you cut through my yard, you go around!” If this is the sound of your childhood, then you already appreciate a good chourico sandwich. And if you have no idea what we are talking about, then here is an introduction to the wonderful world of Portuguese heritage, one sausage at a time.

All That and a Side of Chips
This sandwich from The Casual Inn is really the perfect example of what chourico is all about. You can tell that the sausage was slow cooked because the meat was juicy and tender. The bread was equally as important. It was so soft and fresh and soaked up the juice from the chourico and peppers and onions. To top it off it came with Portuguese fries on the side that were clearly handmade, crispy and crafted with care. 170 Franklin Street, Bristol. 401-253-0204.

That’s a Spicy Chourico
The meat is really the star of the sandwich from O Dinis. Served on a super soft and chewy papo secos (Portuguese roll), the meat has an excellent flavor that gets progeressively spicier with every bite. Mixed in between the chourico slices are some nice roasted peppers that give a little kick to each bite. This sandwich is basic, delicious and really lets the quality of the chourico shine through. 579 Warren Avenue, East Providence. 401-438-3769.

Portuguese Comfort Food
Here is some straight up comfort food. This sandwich from the Bristol House of Pizza has everything that is great about fast food in one vessel. The first thing to notice are the fries strewn about the top of the sandwich. We dove into it and loved the thin-sliced chourico and the bit of cheese that held it all together. “I would definitely get this again,” was the general consensus. 55 State St, Bristol 401-253-2550.

Classic Flavors

On the other end of the spectrum of chourico is the sandwich from CafeĢ Central. The chourico in this tasted saltier and more cured. The savoryness from the onions complemented the mix and made us want to dunk this sand- wich into mustard. It also reminded us of what you would get on a charcute- rie platter. A small item full of flavor that packs a punch. 173 Bradford Street, Bristol 401-254-6164.

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