Cranston doctor focused on prevention, management of chronic disease

The Cranston Herald ·

Dr. Jason Kerzer became a primary care physician to help patients manage – and prevent when possible – chronic diseases. At a time when doctors feel squeezed on how much time they spend with a patient, he sees it as an investment in their future health. 

“There is always time to discuss prevention; it really is the essence of primary care,” said Dr. Kerzer, who recently joined the CharterCARE Health Partners primary care practice at1500 Pontiac Avenue in Cranston. “When you help people manage chronic disease, you can increase both their longevity and quality of life.” 

The practice is also home to a rotating group of physicians in specialties like dermatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, podiatry, urology, cardiology, ENT, hematology, nephrology, and surgery. This is not only a great convenience for patients; it gives Dr. Kerzer and his colleagues another opportunity to better manage diseases, this time in consultation with experienced specialists. 

“The trend today is to prevent diseases, rather than just treat them,” he said.

There is an added bonus to the practice Dr. Kerzer is joining in Cranston: the opportunity to work alongside his father Dr. David Kerzer. The elder Dr. Kerzer encouraged his son to choose his own career path but he was undoubtedly an influence.

“I get a lot out of what I’m doing and I think Jason saw that,” said Dr. Kerzer. “He saw the relationships I built with patients, some of whom I’ve been treating for 30 years. Those relationships are incredibly important to me and make what I do very meaningful.”

A graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, the younger Dr. Kerzer completed his medical residency at Suburban Community Hospital in Norristown, PA. He recently moved back to his home state of Rhode Island.

“I grew up in this practice,” said Dr. Kerzer. “I see how my father carries himself as a physician and what his patients mean to him. It gives me something to strive for as a professional.”

Dr. Kerzer is accepting new patients as he builds his family medicine practice. “I look forward to working with patients in managing their health and preventing chronic disease,” he said.

To make an appointment with Dr. Kerzer, please call 944-4300.