David L. Simmons

Water Superintendent, Block Island Water Company

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Dave worked on Block Island in summers during his college years. Following graduation in 1997 he returned with a BS in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts. He became a full-time employee with the municipal sewer plant and within two years was put in charge of the Block Island Water Company. At the time, he was the youngest Water Superintendent in the state of RI. He is responsible for the lasting success of the program that finally enabled the town to consistently supply potable drinking water, utilizing the first municipal reverse osmosis water treatment units in New England. Throughout, he provided level-headed management that allowed the operation to run smoothly, without the panics that had plagued it in the past. He has single handedly restructured and reorganized the water system, from complex and equitable rate designs to distribution lines. He runs an integral operation on an island besieged in summer months, and maintains financial solvency with user rates unchanged for 10 years.


David serves on the Town Beach Pavilion Planning Committee, exploring possibilities for the current facility. He worked with the Planning Board on Comprehensive Community Plan, and served on the Island Energy Planning Committee. He has been a resource for various town exploratory committees and civic organizations. He is an avid surfer and organizes free lessons so young surfers understand the ocean and surf safety. He volunteers his time with the Recreation Departments annual triathlon.

David is married.