Edgewood home sells for $1 million

The Cranston Herald ·

Buried behind the street-lined houses on Edgewood Boulevard is a newly sold million-dollar home with its own private beach, boat shed and mooring. There aren’t too many residential properties assessed for more than $1 million in Cranston, with the Dec. 31, 2016 tax assessment putting the number at 26, according to Deputy Tax Assessor David Cole.

Cole broke down the areas that the million dollar homes are found in, with the most “popular” neighborhood being Edgewood. He said there are 16 residential properties in Edgewood assessed at more than $1 million, with eight on the Seaview Avenue peninsular, six more on Fort Avenue, and one on Narragansett Boulevard. The new sale makes that at least two for the next assessment coming in January.

According to the report, two more of the pricey properties are found in Dean Estates and another eight are in the “general Western Cranston area.”

The recently sold waterfront home is the second highest single-family sale in Cranston this year, according to the Residential Properties Ltd. release on the sale.

The release said that the home was designed by RISD professor Lane Smith and sits on an acre of land, has sprawling views of Narragansett Bay, and is an “arts and crafts” type home.

Through pictures, the home can be considered quite tropical, at least in the summer when the greenery is evident, and is hidden from the main road behind another house. It overlooks the bay and is diagonal from the Edgewood Yacht Club currently being rebuilt after the 2011 fire burned it down.

The house sold for $1,000,090.