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(Last of the pornographic trilogy)

The hour and 45-minute movie opens with Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Jamie (Dornan) getting married and whisking away in his private jet for their honeymoon, coming home to all sorts of relationship problems and a psycho who is trying to destroy their lives.

While it is obvious that the two sex maniacs love each other, they are engaged in a furious power struggle, with Ana challenging her possessive husband at every turn. He wants her all to himself. She wants to continue her job as a successful book editor. She wants the freedom to come and go as she pleases. He has three bodyguards to watch her 24/7.

In between the kinky sex scenes there is a plot. Ana's former boss haunts her. It isn't until the final scenes that we find out why. He kidnaps Christian's sister, making for a bit of action at the end.

The authors try to inject a bit of psychological mumbo-jumbo to explain why Ana and Christian behave as they do. Ho-hum.

Can these two opposite personalities find happiness?

You'll find out at the very end of what we hope is the final chapter.

Rated a big R because of sex, nudity and profanity.