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Galactic Theatre Brings Vintage Films to Warren

Film nerds rejoice! A place to catch old school, cult flicks is coming soon to Main Street

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If you’ve never been to Podsnappery it’s a little vintage store that’s a treasure to explore – packed with clothes, records, accessories, knickknacks, comic books, instruments and furniture. And it’s about to become an even more delightful location thanks to an interesting new addition: a movie theatre.

Owner Dave “Sasquatch” describes the plans with excitement. A few months ago, he thought of how great it would be to have a movie theatre in the neighborhood. He mentioned the idea to his landlord, who joked about doing it in Podsnappery. Dave initially scoffed at the idea, but then, “For the next few days I stared at my store from the back counter and visualized if I could actually do this. Everyone thought I was crazy and doubted me... that fuels me,” says Dave. “Dare me, I’ll get it done and then some,” he adds with a laugh.

He asked his dad and friend to assist with his vision of a 20-seat movie lounge in the back of his store and in less than three weeks, the Galactic Theatre was born. While it’s still being updated and needs an official go-ahead from Town Hall and the Zoning Board, the movie theatre will hopefully be fully running this month, but until then will host intimate acoustic concerts.

“We will be showing mostly vintage films, horror, film noir, ‘60s exploitation and some local independent films as well,” says Dave, which goes with Podsnappery’s vintage charm. They’ll also have a family-friendly matinee on Saturday afternoons, showing the likes of The Three Stooges, The Little Rascals and old cartoons. Admission will be between $3-$5, and popcorn, candy and soft drinks will be for sale at the counter.

This joint Podsnappery/Galactic Theatre venue will offer the closest thing to a time machine you could ever want – the opportunity to shop for unique, vintage items in the storefront, then make your way to the back for quirky vintage films (two a night) in the cozy theatre. The film schedule will be posted on their website so you’ll always know what’s playing. 508 Main Street, Warren. 401-310-0569., 

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