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Goats: The New Lawn Mower

The Bay Magazine ·

When it comes to a well-maintained lawn, a mower will get the job done. But if Edward Scissorhands taught us anything, it’s that you can’t cuddle anything with blades – if you want to keep all your extremities, that is. For a much cuter (and way more Instagrammable) method of lawn maintenance, try goatscaping. You read that correctly: It’s landscaping, but with the indescribable life upgrade of having goats around. Weatherlow Farms in Westport owns a trip of adorable kid goats, born this spring, that travel to private properties and take care of the grassy overgrowth. Here’s how it works: Owner Ryan Wagner and herd wrangler Jim Cormier hoof on over to your property, bringing up to 100 goats with them. Then they fence in your new furry best friends and leave them to eatscape - which wasn’t a word until right now - all of your unwanted grass for a few days. If you’ve got a quarter acre of yard, it’s probably not the most economical choice, but with larger expanses, it can make a lot more sense… and be an eco-friendly and much, much cuter option.

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