Healthier Living at Bädi and Hom

All-natural home resources at this East Providence boutique

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Stepping into Bädi and Hom is a breath of fresh air – literally, because there are no products in the store containing toxic chemicals. The shop, run by young entrepreneurs Toryn Sousa Cabral and Rebecca Kim, is full of natural lifestyle products for your body, home, pets and baby.

“We are not only natural, but we are affordable,” says Rebecca. “And we’re accessible!” Toryn adds.

Rebecca and Toryn aim to help people transitioning into a more healthy lifestyle by building relationships with their clients and guiding them through their journey. They’re all about making gradual, realistic changes and not overwhelming people with too much information at once.

One really neat part of the shop is their use of a program called DermaGRID. “Basically what it does is it takes a picture of the back of your hand and it will tell you all the vitamins and minerals that you’re lacking,” says Toryn. “We’re actually the first people in the Northeast that have [the program].”

Bädi and Hom carries an array of skin care products, body oils, scrubs and bubble baths. They also take custom orders and are known for their handmade bath bombs – which is actually how they got into retail. All custom orders are made in-house and they offer gift-wrapping, labeling, baby shower gifts and scent customization.

The shop has only been open a few months, but Rebecca and Toryn are on their way to becoming a one-stop-shop for affordable, natural products with nonjudgmental guidance.

Bädi and Hom

257 Warren Avenue, East Providence

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