Johnston High School students dismissed early Wednesday

Johnston Sun Rise ·

It was an early day for students at Johnston High School on Wednesday when school was dismissed mid-morning following a heating issue at the building.

“We have a greenhouse that’s attached to the high school and there’s a heating element in there. That must have frozen during the extreme cold and when it thawed out it sprung a leak,” said Superintendent Dr. Bernard DiLullo, Jr. “What ended up happening was water was drained from the heating system, so the heating system wasn’t up and running this morning.”

The superintendent said that everything at the school was back to normal by about noon, but that the decision was made to dismiss the children so that they wouldn’t have to be in a cold building. DiLullo stated that there was no major damage, such as what has been seen in communities like Cranston and Warwick recently. No one was injured, and the situation was resolved quickly.

The issue was discovered around 7 a.m., however by that time the majority of the students were already at the school or en route to the building.

“We just wanted to make sure that the kids were comfortable,” said DiLullo of the dismissal.