Keep the PawSox in Pawtucket

The Cranston Herald ·

To the Editor:

When I think of Pawtucket I think of the Gamm Theatre, Slater Park and McCoy Stadium. The home of the Pawtucket Red Sox; it’s been their home for the last 60 years. And now there’s talk about moving them to a different place, perhaps out of this state.

That would be a shame if they move. I manage to attend several games a year. I enjoy the game. It’s great entertainment. No matter where you sit at the stadium, it’s great seats. I recently attended a game this year. I took a couple of people in wheelchairs and we went to the top level where the handicap section is. There were no bathrooms on that level, and the concession stand was directly in the back of us but they were closed. We had to go on a lower floor to use the bathrooms or the concession stand. My point is that they want to spend $84 million on a new stadium when they could renovate McCoy Stadium, make it bigger and better, with new bathroom facilities.

McCoy Stadium is old but there’s a lot of history. There are a lot of memories and it produced a lot of great ballplayers. The Pawtucket Red Sox belong in Pawtucket. It’s synonymous with this state. It creates a lot of revenue. It’s up to our legislators to make every effort to keep the Pawtucket Red Sox in Pawtucket.

Robert Shorr