When life hands you lemons

Lessa’s last Lemonade Land

Johnston Sun Rise ·

The head waiter was young but efficient.

Brayden Blackmar, 6 and ½ years old, filled out his first job application with clear, bold letters.

Under “positive qualities about myself” the young job-seeker answered, “I am kind,” “nice” and “handsome.”

The Johnston kindergarten student had hoped to land a lucrative spot inside the last Lessa’s Lemonade Land. He picked “waiter” as his preferred position (“because I am kind and have good patience”), and busboy as his second choice (“because I am good at cleaning”).

Peggy Lessa has been a Kindergarten teacher in Johnston for 35 years. For 25 of those years, she’s held an annual event called Lessa’s Lemonade Land. She plans to retire at the end of this year, ending the annual life lesson-learning experience.

When the final Lemonade Land opened, Blackmar worked as its head waiter. The experience was bittersweet.

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