Letter: Article was unfair to Catherine Tattrie

EastBayRI.com ·

To the editor:
Thursday morning I read the article titled “Former Warren town councilor arrested”. I don’t know Catherine personally but from what I gather in this short article: she is a business owner in Warren, a lifetime member of Warren’s rescue, served on town council and she made a mistake on November 10th. It sounds like Catherine values our community; she clearly shows this in her business and how she volunteers.  It also sounds like she could be in a difficult place right now.
 I’m not really interested in hearing why this article was written. The incident occurred in Rehoboth and not in Warren. The intent certainly was not to build Catherine up. It also was not to highlight her years of service to this community. Did anyone write an article about how she has made it her job to support and comfort families at their worst times or how she has dedicated time and energy to volunteer on Warren Rescue which is also a job that requires endless compassion?  
 The job of the media should never be to highlight mistakes of a community member. My life experience has taught me that isolating people who are struggling only drives them farther away from the community. I am not in the business of pointing out the mistakes of others because I have made plenty of my own. I am grateful that no one took the time to point them out in the local paper.
 Catherine, you don’t know me but I am sorry this was written about you. I have 4 and half years of sobriety and I am forever grateful for the people who supported me in my darkest days. I don’t know what you are going through but I do know that there are many people who are furious that this was written. Know that you have support and compassion in this community.  
Julia Pimental
85 Union St.