Letter: Car on blocks is an eyesore and distasteful

EastBayRI.com ·

To the editor:

Most residents would agree that a car on wooden blocks without tires parked in the front driveway of a major thoroughfare is an eyesore. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the town code code to address this visual insult to our community. 

I hope the town council addresses this oversight and I shall go to the next town meeting to recommend we add an ordinance to address this problem.

The eyesore I cite is particularly distasteful as the car is parked near the beginning of Middle Highway where travelers coming from East Providence are greeted with this ugly visage. 

Welcome to Barrington!

All towns must balance residents' convivial enjoyment and use of one’s property with community standards. I have no doubt a car without tires resting on wooden blocks and parked for weeks in the front driveway 

violates community standards. There are many fine groups in Barrington that have worked very hard to beautify and respect our town, among them: Flower Power, the Preservation Society, and Land Trust to name a few.

However, these groups are always vulnerable to the forces of ugliness and vulgarity. It is very easy to uglify something but very difficult to create and preserve beauty. Thus, their battle is very difficult.

Supporting a change in the town ordinance to prohibit an eyesore is congruent and respectful to the outstanding organizations that have made Barrington a fine place to live.

Peter Orlando