Letter: Councilor Edwards’s performance is below par

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To the editor:

I would like to address the July 24, 2017, Tiverton Town Council meeting agenda request by Town Councilor John Edwards V.  His Financial Business request under the heading “Xfer Money to fund Garden Club” was for $500 to be transferred from the council contingency account to the Tiverton Garden Club.

It appears Councilor Edwards hadn’t checked the budget before putting in for the request and was willing to use the council contingency fund to fund something that was already funded by both the Budget Committee and FTR voters.  Was his request a failed attempt to make the Budget Committee look bad as though it hadn’t recommended funding the Garden Club?  This begs the larger question - how prepared is Councilor Edwards before he sits at the council table?

What is very interesting is that Councilor Edwards graduated from Assumption College and holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® designation after his name.  John Edwards, AIF® is the vice president of Fiduciary Consulting for Ivy Wealth Management.  I’m stating these facts because I find it very disappointing that a town councilor so “qualified” in finance doesn’t do his homework or even check the FTR voter-approved budget before he spends our money.

Donna Cook


The writer is a member of Charter Review Commission.