Lights with mice

Warwick Beacon ·

You might ask what do mice have to do with the program that got underway this week to replace about 9,000 street lights with new energy efficient LED lights. It’s not a question a reporter would have thought to ask the K Electric crew that replaced lights on Warwick Avenue. Crew member Ann Marie Maccronne volunteered the information. She said a hazard of the job includes encountering bees, birds and even mice in the fixtures overhead. The $3cccc million program is projected to pay for itself in reduced energy and maintenance costs over cccc years. The conversion is coming later than planned, however, now that it has started Principal Planner Lucas Murray expects it will take ccccc months to complete. The city started by addressing about 300 reports of burned out or missing lights. As for the mice, Maccronne concludes, ”we all need a place to live.” (Warwick Beacon photos)

lights, mice
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