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Farmaesthetics uses flowers to keep summer skin beautiful

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Believe it or not – and for someone who’s been using eye cream religiously since age 13, I find it very hard to understand – there are some people who give themselves the whole summer off from skin care. The thinking goes like this: I’m going to be in the sun anyway, so why bother when I’m just going straight back to the beach? Effectively, you’re giving yourself a pass on taking proper care of yourself for a whole quarter of the year. I get it. I love the beach, too. That’s why I’m so excited about Farmaesthetics’ new summer skincare line. I can have my summer tan, and still have the healthy skin I work so hard to maintain the rest of the year.

I’ve been a fan of Farmaesthetics for a long time. The company, based in Portsmouth, was the first in Rhode Island to not only believe that skincare should be as close to nature as possible, but to make world-class products that work as well (or better) than their chemical-filled counterparts. Their Fine Herbal Cleanser has five ingredients, two of which are lavender and geranium essential oils. It’s been a fixture in my shower for years. I love the 30 seconds of aromatherapy it gives me every morning, while gently cleansing and balancing my skin.

Because I’m a beach bum – seriously, what else do we live in Rhode Island for? – I get a predictably reliable set of skin issues during the summer. All of the sunscreen gives me clogged pores, and all of the sun gives me inevitable peeling. Apparently I’m not the only person who experiences this, because Farmaesthetics’ new summer line is designed to combat exactly those two things. Their Sweet Milk and Rose Petal Exfoliate is a dry exfoliator, made with (you guessed it) milk proteins and red rose petals. A little bit of that in the palm of your hand, a few pumps of the cleanser to activate the product, and a 30-second scrub before you get in the shower is all you need to brighten and freshen your skin any time you feel like it needs a boost. I’ve been using that once or twice a week, and then after the shower while I’m drying off, a three-minute application of their new Herbal Hydration Complex. The gel-cream mask is a boost of botanical moisture. I love that using the two on any given morning doesn’t add any time at all to my regular routine, but leaves me with a fresh face that I feel good about not wearing any makeup on that day.

Once a week, I’ve been using the Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish. This is a huge step forward in natural plant technology. The product works the same way the other exfoliate does: a little bit in your hand, mixed with a little bit of the cleanser, and a quick scrub. It sounds simple, but it’s a total game changer. This product basically gives you equivalent of microdermabrasion, but in your bathroom, and it only takes one minute of your time. I love the results – cell turnover, smaller pores, smoother skin – and I particularly love that I can do it at home, on any given workday morning. It’s the middle of the summer, and I’ve been doing my normal sun worshiping, but you would never know it from how my skin looks. I look like I’ve been living under a giant hat at all season. I believe that’s what they call the best of both worlds. I’ll take it.

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