Math-iello car tax relief

The Cranston Herald ·

To the Editor:

Are you ready for the new Math-iello?

I applauded the Rhode Island Legislature for finally doing something about the unfair and regressive automobile tax. The taxpayers can now expect to get their own money back.

I haven’t followed the legislation very closely but I do know 100 percent of the automobile tax will be eliminated over a six-year period. If my calculations are correct 100 percent divided by six years should equal a 16 percent reduction of the motor vehicle tax each year.

I just received my motor vehicle tax bill from the City of Cranston. My total bill for two motor vehicles is $1,716.00 for the year. My bill was then reduced $84.00 because of motor vehicle tax elimination legislation. If my calculations are correction $84.00 equates to a 4.75 percent reduction for the year. This is a far cry from the 16 percent most taxpayers expected.

I guess we all now are using the new Math-iello. No wonder our children score so poorly on standardized tests.

Stephen Quartino


Editor’s note: Under the car tax relief legislation, the first phase of the plan removes all motor vehicles 15 years old and older from the tax rolls and reduces valuations of all other vehicles by 5 percent.