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Michael Solomon comes from a political family. His father, Anthony, was a State Representative, Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate. He has been a City Council member representing Ward 5 encompassing the Mount Pleasant and Elmhurst neighborhoods for two terms, becoming City Council President in 2011. “It’s been an 18 month campaign so far,” Solomon observes. “I think that the city has made great strides but still has a long way to go.” Before the campaign, Solomon was better known for operating Wes’ Rib House in Olneyville, where he also started the business association.

Running for mayor after being a city councilor is always problematic because you must defend decisions and problems that you may or may not have known about. “Look, we were all blindsided by what Cicilline did. We couldn’t get access to the real management and finance issues. We now have a City Auditor who works with the Mayor’s Office and can present a real picture. We didn’t have that before and with no oversight we all know what happened,” he states.

Solomon was elected City Council President the same day as Mayor Angel Taveras was sworn in. As council president, he worked with the mayor to bring the City’s unions, hospitals, universities and others to the table. With a lot of help, they led Providence through the unprecedented fiscal crisis and onto a path towards recovery.

“Providences is at a critical crossroad. The city needs to grow our middle class, develop our economy and build a brighter future for our children,” he notes. He wants to support small business owners - the backbone of the city’s economy - and create good jobs in the community. Solomon also wants to strengthen our education system by rebuilding city schools, creating first-rate classrooms and creating 2,000 jobs in the community.

“The next mayor must improve the quality of life in all of our neighborhoods. We must reduce crime, curb youth violence, create more affordable housing and invest in our parks, pools and community gardens.” Solomon was a key player in the reopening of the Davey Lopes Pool located on the South Side of the city.

“I will do more with promoting Providence, streamlining economic development, partnering with non-profits for programs and expanding our port,” he continues. “And, I’m the only candidate who can hit the ground running on day one!”

Solomon, 60, went to LaSalle and he and his wife Denise live in Elmhurst and recently became grandparents.


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