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Midnight Munchies

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Thayer Street’s food scene is ever evolving, but one thing it’s been sorely lacking is a late-night bakery. Sure you can get pizza, calzones and burritos until 2am, but something chocolatey or sweet? Not until now.

Insomnia Cookies opened its doors in March, much to the delight of anyone with a sweet tooth. The company has over 90 locations across the country, and started in a college dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003. What makes it different from a traditional bakery is that it delivers fresh-baked, warm cookies until 3am. Got a hankering for double chocolate chunk? White chocolate macadamia nut? No problem.

There are nine flavors available year round and seasonal flavors that pop up from time to time. All of these can be mixed and matched into a cookie sandwich, or Cookiewich, filled with chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Power up to the next size of cookie, the Jumbo Deluxe, which comes in three flavors: chocolate peanut butter, triple chocolate and s’mores). These can also be turned into a larger sandwich, the Deluxe Cookiewich.

Cookie cakes are no longer reserved solely for mall food courts. Insomnia bakes up cookie cakes with charming sayings like “Bite Me,” and “Sorry Your Day Sucked, Have a Cookie.”

No cookie would be complete without a tall glass of milk. Currently 1%, whole, chocolate and strawberry milk are available. This writer is hoping that coffee milk makes it onto the menu – you know, for a local spin.


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