More on the Apponaug roundabout

Warwick Beacon ·

To the Editor:

June Flori sent a letter to the Beacon about the difficulties in using the roundabout, which she mistakenly calls a rotary. A roundabout calls for reduced speeds due to the smaller diameter than a rotary.

This is so typical of people in this state to resist changes from anything from what they have had. She also said that a driver got confused in the roundabout and ended up in Burrillville. The driver couldn’t read road signs or had no knowledge of our roads? The facts are that the DOT gave out early info on what was planned and how it worked in newspapers and the website, and Warwick City Hall had posted plans, too.

Perhaps if more drivers would pay attention to their driving and not be speeding, driving distracted by cell phones, passengers and tailgating and show a little road courtesy driving would be more pleasant.

Just to note, I’m 82 years old, driving since I was 15 and have driven well in excess of a million miles in construction work, pleasure and the military without an accident or tickets, and I do drive speeds allowed by law. I drive through Apponaug seven to eight times a week, and most times it is very smooth, only at rush hours are things a little slow.

So stop complaining and be happy that our state is repairing and rebuilding our roads and bridges, which is a big job long delayed.

Richard Russell