My guardian angels

The Cranston Herald ·

To the Editor:

If you think I’m nervous, you’re right, I’ll tell you for sure! Here it goes: date May 27, 1972 at 5 p.m. I saw my best friend get hit by a car going over 60 mph on Warwick Avenue in front of Rhodes Ave.

I was 7 years old; Mike was 6. No child should ever witness something like that! The accident comes to me in my dreams, but do you know what happens sometimes? I see a bright light that calms me down. I am not afraid I want to get closer to the light, but it goes out. When I see it, I feel very warm and calm. Right after the accident, Cranston Police were on the scene. One officer took direction from a higher up and ran me out of there! The officer took me for a ride in the police car, changing the subject.

“You’re the kid with the soccer ball.” Right Danny I think I was in shock but he was trying to console me – he was my guardian angel! He then took me home to my sister Karen, I don’t remember his name but sir, I love you!

The Cranston Police, in my opinion, are the best police force in the Northeast corridor. Col. Michael Winquist, “I love you.” The letter you sent me on March 16, 2017 was the most compassionate, empathetic letter I ever received. Chief, I will cherish that for the rest of my life! You make me want to be a better person, sir you are now part of a very elite club: Dan McGovern’s heroes namely Joe Cavanaugh (great goal in “Love Story,” Joe), Mike Traficante (thanks for what you did for Doc!), my scout master Clifford J. Sjoberg Jr. (thanks for helping me attain Eagle Scout ), my beloved late father in law Dr. Donald T. Bortle (Doc, maybe we are amazed), Tony Chemel (started the Edgewood Eagles), Dave Stenhouse Sr. (you almost caught the ball that President Jack Kennedy threw out when you played for the Washington Senators), Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse AKA Rocky (thanks for your letter), the late Governor Joseph Garrahy (thanks from one Eagle Scout to another.)

Col. Winquist, you and your outstanding men and women of the Cranston Police you are my guardian angels. Three cheers for the Cranston Police, you saved my life thank you. I love you all for sure!

PS: May God bless the Cranston Police!

Danny McGovern