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As cool days give way to warmer weather, we’re all starting to crave the fresh flavors of spring, which you can definitely get your hands on in Bristol. The food being served from Nacho Mamma’s on State Street, just steps from the glittering waters of Bristol Harbor, would be at home next to the sparkling seas of Miami’s South Beach.

Co-owner Adolfo Sandoval and his team bring the vibrant spice and zest of fresh authentic Mexican and South Beach cuisine to Bristol in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that’s as “comfortable… [as your] mother’s table.”

You pride yourself on recreating the experience of eating the deliciously simple food that your abuela made. How do you go about creating that feeling?
I was born in Honduras and raised in California so I had the opportunity to experience Mexican food on the West Coast. My mother had three food trucks and by spending lots of time with her it developed my approach to food and really made me who I am.

What made you want to bring Mexican and South Beach cuisine to Bristol?
My culinary career saw me working in South Beach Miami, a city where you have some of the best food and restaurants in the state of Florida. Because the industry where I developed my skills had such high standards it pushed me to create really great food.

The experience of spending time on both the west coast and the east coast has given me the knowledge to create a menu that brings all those influences together.
Many people hear “Mexican food” and think tacos, but your menu is full of exciting dishes.

We’ve got so much more than tacos here at Nacho Mamma’s. On our apps menus we have sweet plantains, which are fried and served with a Mexican crema, as well yucca sticks, which come with a Lebanese garlic sauce.

As for entrees we offer the kind of things you’d expect, like tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas and burritos; but we also have fried yucca bowls, burgers and pizzas. There really is something for everyone.

Is there something you would suggest someone order if they’ve not visited before?
It’s tough to pick just one favorite so I’d have to recommend both the Portuguese Burrito and Burrito Argentino. The Portuguese Burrito combines flank steak, fries, cheese, rice, two eggs, Portuguese hot peppers and sour cream to cool things down. The Burrito Argentino is filled with steak, chorizo, fries, lettuce, pico de gallo, red onions and the classic Argentinian sauce: chimichurri.

Tell me about the Burrito Challenge. Has anyone completed it?
It’s fun to see our fans come and have a blast trying to eat this monster burrito. Anyone that wants to give it a go has 30 minutes to finish the whole thing. The burrito itself is made with your choice of five pounds of pork, chicken or beef, rice, beans, lettuce, cheese and your choice of veggies. The whole thing is then wrapped in three burrito shells. It’s huge. So far we have had 11 winners and 126 failed attempts, and we’re always looking for new challengers. 

Nacho Mamma’s

76 State Street, Bristol

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