Needing union approval

Warwick Beacon ·

To the Editor:
Retired teacher Jeffery Miner’s letter, “Teachers made up the Union” (Beacon 9/14/17), facetiously questioned my knowledge that the teachers constitute the union. Let me answer it this way: I graduated Cranston High School at age 16 and knew that the Warwick teachers constituted their Union four days later. I was celebrating the first three days as my family was finally going to move out of our log cabin along the Pawtuxet River. My going to work at the Industrial Trust Bank the following week, at age 16, made this possible. They couldn’t love me more.
What Mr. Miner should know, and does know, is that the teachers need union approval for every action they wish to participate in within their schools.

Eugene A. Nadeau
Vice Chairman
Warwick School