Ode to Grandpa

The Cranston Herald ·

(A Poem about Anthony Soscia)

Life goes by so fast

It’s amazing how quickly the years pass.

100 years ago my Grandpa entered this earth

The world has been blessed since the time of his birth.

My Grandpa was one of a kind

People like him are truly hard to find.

He was a beautiful person inside and out

He exemplified what life was all about.

Family was very important to him

It centered around everything he did.

My Grandpa and Grandma had a love that was so strong

It’s why he had an unbelievable marriage that lasted 56 years long.

Twenty-one years ago my Grandma passed away

And my Grandpa visited her gravestone for about 15 years every day

This act alone said a great deal

On how his love was so real.

My Grandpa and Grandma had what many people wish

To be in a relationship with someone you absolutely cherish.

My Grandpa helped instill within me

The importance of family.

He was happy when family was all together

Being with his loved ones was something he really treasured.

Whatever the reason (birthdays, holidays, playing cards) for the family event

There was always such a good time spent.

Laughter and conversation always filled the air

And there was always lots of food everywhere.

He would bring antipasto or a delicious apple pie

And he always got dressed up wearing a shirt and tie.

Grandpa always lived each day to its fullness

Because as he said, “Every day was a bonus.”

When the weather was warm, he would set his alarm

For 5 o’ clock so he could work on the farm.

It’s amazing how much he was able to do

He worked like he was twenty-two.

Many people his age found it difficult to stand

But until his early 90’s, he was able be in a bucket 10 feet above the land.

Riding the tractor, picking vegetables or planting seeds

He worked all morning doing what he thought his crops would need.

He did so much with the food he would grow

Such as giving it away to people he would know.

He would always give away food from his farm at the cemetery

I think people thought of him as the “farm fairy”.

Because if he went and certain people were not around

He would leave a bag full of vegetables next to different gravestones on the ground.

For the vegetables that he did not give away

It’s amazing what he did with them each day.

Because he didn’t use a recipe book

He created new recipes when he would cook.

I loved opening his freezer to stare

At all the meals he created and stacked up high in Tupperware.

He was unbelievable—what can I say

He did so much each and every day.

My Grandpa was what God wants us to be

Filled with kindness, compassion and honesty.

He treated others how he would like to be treated

And he was always there for others when he was needed.

Every day he read the Bible and prayed the rosary

My Grandpa was so holy.

People can learn a lot from my Grandpa—it’s true

Because he always did what he valued.

Many people value the wrong things in life

This is why they experience so much pain and strife.

Today many measure success

By the number of materialistic things they possess.

My Grandpa’s life was a true testament that he did not need a fancy car

To be happy you just need to be true to who you are.

My Grandpa always followed his heart

This is why he had been happy right from the start.

He was a role model for so many

It is why he became a local celebrity.

Several articles were written about my Grandpa because he was such an inspiration

He had a positive impact on people from all different generations.

My Grandpa’s journey in life can be measured

By all the things he treasured.

A great family, his farm, strong faith—he had so much

Including unforgettable memories of the lives he touched.

When looking at his life, it is very easy to say

Enjoying the simple pleasures of life go a long way.

My Grandpa was in this world for one entire century

Doing what he loved and bringing happiness to so many.

He lived to be 100—that is not easy to do

And he could genuinely say he had no regrets about anything too.

My Grandpa was a remarkable example of what God wants us to be

He was an extraordinary individual—I think that is clear to see.

I felt so honored to have him as my Grandpa for so many years

Which is why his passing away has caused me to shed many, many tears.

My Grandpa will live on in my memories and in my heart

This will help me feel that we are not so far apart.

I will do my best to make him proud of me from up above

By continuing to live out his example by helping others and doing what I love.

My Grandpa meant so much to me

I loved him so much and I will miss him dearly.

Editor’s note: This poem was written by Jennifer (Soscia) Carulli, one of Anthony Soscia’s granddaughters. Soscia, who lived in Cranston his entire life He passed away on January 8. He was featured in the Herald on March 30 of last year after turning 100 years old. Jennifer wanted to honor him with this original poem, which she said shares what her Grandpa was all about. She read this poem at his funeral earlier this month.