Point Judith Calamari

The Ocean State’s Biggest Star

So Rhode Island Magazine ·

• Rhode Island is the leader in squid landings and takes in more squid than any other seafood

• 54 percent of squid landings in the Northeast come into Rhode Island

• For data reported through June 10, 2015, cumulative landings for longfin squid in Rhode Island is 517,121 pounds, compared to the second largest landings in MA at 
418,237 pounds

• According to an assessment 
(2011), scientists estimate longfin 
squid are currently above target population levels
• Commercial harvests totaled more than 28.1 million pounds in 2012, with the majority landed in Rhode Island

• The 2012 commercial harvest of longfin squid was valued at more than $31.1 million

• RI has annual landings worth $18.5 million per year and accounts for 50% of all squid taken along the eastern seaboard

• In June 2014, Governor Lincoln Chafee signed legislation making calamari Rhode Island’s official state appetizer

• Edible parts of the squid include the arms (tentacles), the mantle (tube) and the fins (wings)

• Squid are an excellent source of selenium, riboflavin and vitamin B12

• Rhode Island-style calamari is fried and served simply with hot peppers (banana peppers are traditional) and a little garlic