Police Log

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Robertson Elementary School was recently tagged by a graffiti vandal.

Officer Sokphannareth Chea was dispatched to the rear of the Nausauket Road school on September 29 just before 10 p.m. for a malicious damage call. There he met with the school’s custodian, who stated that he was working his shift from 2:30 until 11 p.m. He was on the outside of the building around 7 p.m. and didn’t notice any issues. By 9 p.m., however, he observed graffiti on the back wall of the school and on his own vehicle.

Officer Chea observed expletives painted in white letters about two feet in length. The custodian’s car was also spray painted on the passenger side door. The custodian indicated that he did not want to pursue a complaint about his car as he was able to clean the paint off entirely, but that he would like to file a complaint on behalf of the school department. He completed a written statement.

The case is still pending and was forwarded to detectives and the Community Police Division for follow up.


A delivery tanker servicing the Post Road Speedway recently suffered a gasoline leak.

Around 8 a.m. on September 30, Officer Tomas Boguz along with the Warwick Fire Department responded to the station and met with Wayne Mansani, the delivery driver. Mansani stated that he hooked up all of the truck’s hoses to the stations tanks to fill them. While completing his paperwork near the front of the truck, he observed that one of the valves connecting the hose to the tanker was spilling gas. Mansani said approximately 100 to 300 gallons of premium gasoline spilled near the front of the station by the entrance to Post Road. He said the valve was defective, which caused the spill.

The fire department treated the area, and Department of Environmental Management personnel responded to the scene as well. A private contractor later responded to assist with cleanup efforts.


A recent routine traffic stop led to a driver being cited for possession of marijuana.

Officer David Boardman was on patrol on October 2 around 2:30 a.m. traveling southbound on Post Road when he observed a 1997 Honda Civic crossing the double yellow line while traveling northbound. He then conducted a traffic stop at the Speedway gas station.

There he met with the driver, identified as Tyler Marin, 23, of 199 Longfellow St., Apt 1 in Providence. While speaking with the driver, the officer noticed a small amount of suspected marijuana on Marin’s lap in plain view. Officer Boardman also observed a strong odor of cannabis coming from the vehicle and spotted a small bag with what appeared to be more marijuana in the vehicle’s center console.

The suspected marijuana was field tested with positive results and was seized. Marin was issued a violation for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, second offense, and a summons for an inspection sticker.


A man who told officers that his erratic driving was caused by coughing was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Just after 1 a.m. on October 3, Officer Ali Jaafar was traveling south on Elmwood Avenue near Post Road, where he observed a vehicle traveling in the middle of the two-lane road directly above the dividing line, and continuing to do so for about a quarter of a mile. Officer Jaafar followed while the vehicle continued to swerve and change lanes without signaling.

According to his report, Officer Jaafar initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as Steven Senna, 53, of 234 Third Street, Cranston. Senna had bloodshot eyes and a flushed red face, with a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his breath and person. He appeared confused and took an extended amount of time locating his driver’s license when asked for it.

Senna was unable to immediately answer where he was coming from and stated that he had not been drinking at all. He said that he was just coughing while driving and that caused him to swerve.

Other officers were called to back up the scene, and Senna was asked to exit his vehicle to take a series of standardized sobriety tests. He stated that he had a broken toe and was not able to complete some of those tests. He eventually threw his hands up in the air in frustration, turned around and placed his hands behind his back on his own accord in order to be handcuffed.

Based on Officer Jaafar’s experience, it was determined that Senna was unfit to operate a motor vehicle and was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence. He was handcuffed and transported to police headquarters. While en route, Senna admitted that he had consumed two mixed drinks two hours prior to the stop as well as three allergy pills.

At the station, Senna displayed a poor attitude and questioned the reasoning behind the traffic stop. He also refused to take a chemical breathalyzer test, stating again that he had not been drinking at all.

Senna was charged with one count of driving under the influence first offense, refusal to submit to a chemical test, and cited for leaving the lane of travel and turn signal when required. He was later transported to Kent Hospital and turned over to staff for detox.


Officer Matthew Smith responded to the Bald Hill Road JCPenny on October 1 around 8 p.m. for a report of shoplifting with a suspect in custody.

Upon arrival at the scene he spoke with the store’s asset protection team, who had Viviana Argueta, 27, of 34 Charles Street, Apt. 319 in Providence, in their office. Security stated that they had observed the suspect select several eyeshadow pallets and place them in her basket, eventually moving and concealing them under her right arm.

She then exited the store after passing all points of sale without making an attempt to pay for them. She was then approached by security outside of the store and escorted back inside, where the $86 of merchandise was recovered. JCPenny indicated that the store did want to press charges.

Argueta was placed in handcuffs and transported to police headquarters without incident. At the station she was fingerprinted, photographed and charged with one count of misdemeanor shoplifting. She was later released with a district court summons.


A driver who failed to use his turn signal was recently arrested for an outstanding warrant.

According to a report filed by Officer Walter Larson, while on patrol around 5:30 on October 1 he observed a Buick Rendezvous merge from Sandy Lane onto Warwick Avenue without using a right turn signal. A check of the vehicle’s plates indicated that the owner was wanted out of Third District Court for failure to appear, and a traffic stop was initiated.

Identified as Kyle Fritsche, 22, of 550 Victory Highway in Exeter, he was advised of the reason for the stop, which he understood. He was also advised of the outstanding warrant, which he was unaware of. His license was active, car was identified as his, and further checks revealed that the warrant was still active.

He was placed in handcuffs and transported to police headquarters. The car was then turned over to a passenger in the vehicle. Fritsche was processed without incident and placed in a cell to await the next session with the bail commissioner.