Police Log

Johnston Sun Rise ·


On February 3 at approximately noon, Officer Vanessa Wilcox along with several members of the department were dispatched to Monroe Auto Service on Atwood Avenue for a report of a female party who claimed she had been pepper sprayed.

Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the woman who stated that she and her husband were sprayed with pepper spray by an unknown male. She explained that they were walking through the parking lot of 1408 Atwood Avenue when a male subject began to yell at them. She stated that she informed the man that she and her husband were cutting through the parking lot to get to Munroe Auto Service where their vehicle was being worked on.

The woman said that moments later another man began arguing with her husband and at that time the man, later identified as Anthony Brunetti, 53, of 6 Pershing Road in Johnston, removed a canister of pepper spray from his pocket and sprayed both the woman and her husband in their faces. After being sprayed the couple ran to Monroe Auto Service where they used the company’s phone to contact the police.

During the interview with the victims, Officer Wilcox observed redness and irritation to the faces of both victims and corroborated their account of the incident. Officers then walked the couple to 1408 Atwood Avenue where the incident occurred in attempt to make contact with the suspect. At 1408 Atwood Avenue, officers were pointed to a silver vehicle that was attempting to exit the parking lot and were advised that the operator was the male suspect who sprayed them. The license plate of the suspect vehicle was called out over the radio as the vehicle turned right onto the road.

Officers at the scene then detained the vehicle, which pulled over in the parking lot of Monroe Auto Service. Officers then approached the vehicle and made contact with Brunetti, who was ordered to step from his car and then secured in handcuffs. He was advised of his rights and replied that he understood them.

After he acknowledged his rights, Brunetti was asked if he wanted to explain what happened and replied, “I sprayed them both, but in self-defense.” Asked if he wished to elaborate further, he then allegedly stated “They hopped the fence onto our property after I told them not to and then he came at me so I sprayed them.” Brunetti showed the officers the location where the incident took place, and they observed that the fence had a space in it that was on the border of two large commercial parking lots. The location of the alleged assault was not a secure or private area and there were no signs posted that prohibited pedestrians from walking through the parking lot or trespassing onto the property.

The report notes that Brunetti had the means an opportunity to walk away from the incident and even call the police, but he chose not to as he pepper sprayed both victims, contradicting his assertion of self-defense. Even after spraying both the individuals, Brunetti never attempted to contact the police and almost left the area before being stopped. Asked where he had put the canister after he sprayed it, he replied that he secured it inside the building.

Based upon the totality of the circumstances, there was probable cause that Brunetti assaulted the individuals. Both the husband and wife were asked if they wished to pursue criminal charges, to which the wife said yes but the husband said no, adding that he did not want to have to go to court on the matter, nor did he wish to complete a written statement.

Johnston Fire Department personnel treated skin irritation caused by the pepper spray, and digital pictures were then taken. A hand written witness statement was also entered into evidence and a couple then returned to Munroe Auto Service without further incident.

Brunetti was transported to police headquarters where he was processed and secured in a cell. He was later arranged before Justice of the Peace Lazieh and released on $1,000 personal recognizance with a re-arraignment date of February 1.


Officer Robert Cardoza responded to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car center on Hartford Avenue on May 22, 2018 around 3:13 p.m. for a report of an overdue rental vehicle. At the scene he spoke with the manager, who advised that on May 18 a customer entered the business in attempt to pay for further use of a rental car, a 2018 gray Nissan Altima. The woman advised the manager that she did not have the full amount it would take to continue to rent a vehicle but would promptly return with the amount. The manager stated that the woman had yet to return with the money for the vehicle or the keys for the car. He advised the officer that he made several attempts to contact the woman by telephone; however those attempts had been met with negative results. The manager advised that he wishes to pursue a criminal complaint on behalf of Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

On May 22, 2018 at approximately 2:22 p.m., Detective John DeAngelis responded to Enterprise where a clerk informed him that a Nissan had not been returned. The detective was provided with a copy of the rental agreement, which he retained as evidence, and was told that a copy of video surveillance from the business would be made.

The detective then attempted to contact the phone number of the woman on the rental agreement utilizing the numbers provided, however it appeared that the number was not in service. Detective DeAngelis then responded to the address linked it to the rental agreement. Upon arrival at the residence, a woman answered the door and identified herself as the woman’s mother. She advised that she would have her daughter call the detective.

A short time later, the woman contacted Detective DeAngelis and informed him that she never rented a vehicle from Enterprise. She explained that the previous year someone broke into her vehicle and stole all of her personal identification including her Rhode Island driver’s license. She added that she reported the theft to the Providence Police Department. She believes that someone used her identity to rent the vehicle in this case.

Detective DeAngelis then performed across agency database search regarding the Nissan Altima. He observed that on May 13, the Rhode Island State Police conducted a traffic stop with the Nissan in question and arrested a female identified as Cheyenne Dailey for operating a vehicle with a suspended license and obstructing a police officer. The arrest report indicated that Dailey identified herself as somebody else.

A search of Dailey’s name through the Johnston Police records revealed that she was arrested by the department on May 7 for possession of a stolen motor vehicle. The arrest report indicated that the vehicle daily was operating had been reported stolen by Enterprise Rent-A-Car corporation. The arrest report did have Dailey’s mug shot image. From that information, Detective DeAngelis determined that the Nissan rented in this case may have been done so fraudulently and he had communications personnel enter the Nissan into the stolen file records.

On May 29, 2018, Detective DeAngelis learned that the Nissan had been recovered in the city of Providence. The car was found with a smashed windshield and all four tires and rims were missing. Detective DeAngelis then responded again to the Enterprise and met with an employee who informed him that the Nissan had been recovered. The employee then informed the detective that they recovered video surveillance footage. Through that footage, the detective positively identified the woman in the video as Dailey. A copy of that video was later held as evidence in this case.

Detective DeAngelis then had the woman whose identity was stolen respond to police headquarters, where he informed her that Dailey was using her identity to rent a vehicle. He showed her a picture of Dailey, and the woman advised she did not know who she was nor did she give her permission to use her identity. The witnesses then provided a handwritten statement indicating her desire to press criminal charges for identity fraud. An arrest warrant was then drafted.

Dailey was later found to be incarcerated at the ACI, and on January 30, 2019 she was arranged before Judge Ippolito on a felony charge of identity fraud and a misdemeanor charge for obtaining vehicles with intent to defraud. Surety bail was set at $5,000, and an additional hearing was scheduled for April 24.


On January 31 at approximately 9:30 p.m. Officer Merrick Cook engaged a vehicle with an expired registration sticker in the area of Killingly Street. Upon speaking with the owner, identified as Joseph Beaver, 53, of 240 California Avenue in Providence, he learned that the vehicle was unregistered in that Beaver did not have a valid license.

Procedural checks revealed that Beaver’s license was inactive in the state, that the vehicle was unregistered and its plates were not on file, and that he had an active bench warrant for failure to appear on a charge of possession of burglary tools dated from March 2006.

Beaver could not provide any paperwork for the vehicle, and was taken into custody. His car was towed from the scene and its plates were seized and held. Beaver was transported to police headquarters without incident and charged with driving without a license third offense and issued a Third District Court summons. He was also charged with operating an unregistered vehicle, improper use of evidence of registration, and operating a motor vehicle without insurance. Beaver was then held on the bench warrant charge. ON THE PHONE

Officer Kayleigh Cooper was on a fixed post at 1074 Plainfield Pike on January 30 at approximately 9 p.m. when she observed a vehicle traveling westbound with the driver talking on his cellular phone. The vehicle was then detained at the intersection of Calef Street and Plainfield Street, and contact was made with the driver, later identified as Julio Paiz, 36, 118 Wallace Street Apartment 1 in Providence. Paiz informed the officer that he had no license, and a procedural check revealed that his license was suspended. He was transported to police headquarters for processing, while his friend reported to the scene to take custody of the vehicle. Paiz was later released with a Third District Court summons for driving with a suspended license third or subsequent offense, and also issued a summons for using a cellular phone while driving. SPEEDING

At approximately 8:45 p.m. on January 28, Officer Nicholas Manocchio was on a fixed post at 2100 Hartford Avenue when he observed a silver Toyota Tacoma traveling west at a high rate of speed. He later clocked the vehicle traveling at a speed of 62 miles per hour in a posted 35 mile per hour zone.

A traffic stop was then conducted in the area of 2300 Hartford Ave., and contact was made with the driver, identified as Bobby Insixiengmay, 36, of 29 Clover Court in Dayville Connecticut. Checks on the registration revealed it to be inactive, and that Insixiengmay’s license had been suspended. He was issued a summons for speeding, and driving with a suspended license second offense. His passenger then drove the vehicle from the scene without further incident.