Police Log - 01/24/19

Warwick Beacon ·


Officer Richard P. Odell reports traveling eastbound on West Shore Road in the area of Oakland Beach just before 8 p.m. Jan. 15 when he observed a Honda minivan swerving and tailgating another vehicle. The minivan matched the description of a vehicle involved in a road rage incident in Greenwood earlier in the evening, he reports.

Odell initiated a motor vehicle stop at West Shore Road and Second Point Avenue. He reports observing an empty bottle of Corona beer in the vehicle’s back seat and a half-full bottle in the front cup holder as he made contact with the operator. The officer reports the operator had a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his breath, and that he slurred his speech and had bloodshot eyes.

Odell reports he asked the operator for his license, and as the man reached for it, the vehicle began to roll backward. The officer reached into the vehicle to put it in park and then instructed the operator to remove the keys from the ignition.

The operator reportedly told Odell he was returning from a friend’s home in Providence. The man is said to have initially agreed to submit to field sobriety testing but then claimed not to speak English and not understand the officer’s instructions.

The man was then taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence and transported to police headquarters. A Spanish translator from Cranston Police as called to responded to Warwick headquarters as well. Odell states that during transport, the man threatened him.

Odell reports that subsequent chemical breath tests found the man’s blood alcohol level to be well above the legal limit.

Mario Grave, 39, of 51 Alverson Ave., Providence, was charged with driving under the influence, first offense. Due to his reported behavior while in holding – which Odell states included urinating in his cell and attempting to strangle himself with his T-shirt – he was later transported to Kent Hospital for a mental health evaluation. He was also issued a summons to appear in Third Division District Court.


Officer Kevin P. Warren reports responding to the Wyndham Hotel at 1850 Post Road on the afternoon of Jan. 22 regarding a vandalism complaint.

The reporting party, a front-desk employee at the hotel, told Warren the rear driver-side window of a vehicle in the hotel’s back parking lot had been smashed. Records regarding who parks in that lot are not kept by the hotel, the employee indicated.

Warren checked for the vehicle and found a black 2012 BMW X5 bearing Massachusetts registration. It appeared nothing had been taken from the vehicle, the officer reports, and no contact information for its owner could be located. The incident was documented, and the report number was left both on the vehicle’s seat and with hotel staff.


Officer Johnathan H. DiPietro reports responding to the Holiday Inn Express at 901 Jefferson Boulevard shortly after 8 a.m. Jan. 21 regarding a report of a suspicious vehicle.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officer reports inspecting the vehicle in question, a black 2019 Dodge Ram, and finding its rear passenger-side window had been smashed.

The vehicle’s owner reportedly told DiPietro he had returned to the hotel from the Apple Store in Providence the previous night and locked his vehicle. He was unaware it had been broken into until contacted by the officer, and after check of the vehicle, he reported a pair of white Apple Beats Studio 3 headphones were missing.

The vehicle’s owner indicated he wished to press charges if a suspect were identified.


Officer Steven D. Moretti reports responding to the Kohl’s department store at 650 Bald Hill Road at 6:44 p.m. Jan. 18 following a report of a shoplifting incident.

At the scene, the store’s loss prevention department had a woman in custody. The reporting party told Moretti that he had observed the woman take several items from the store’s juniors and beauty sections before entering the fitting room with the items and a large handbag. He said when the woman exited the fitting room, she had none of the items in her hands but her bag was significantly larger.

The woman then proceeded to the store’s exist without making any attempt to pay, the reporting party told the officer.

Loss prevention was able to make contact with the woman on the sidewalk outside the store. She was escorted to the loss prevention office while police were called.

According to Moretti’s report, the total value of the shoplifted items was $112.97.

Logan O. Chenette, 23, of 62 Columbia Heights Road, Charlestown, was arrested and charged with shoplifting. WARRANT

Officer Richard P. Odell reports a speeding vehicle while on a fixed traffic post on East Avenue near the Route 95 north on-ramp at approximately 12:26 p.m. Jan. 16.

The officer initiated a motor vehicle stop near the former Toys ‘R’ Us location and made contact with the operator of the vehicle. A subsequent check found the operator was wanted on an active arrest warrant issued from University of Rhode Island Police.

Terrell J. Parker, 20, of 7 Goddard St., Hope, was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters. He was later transferred into the custody of URI Police.

Officer Derek J. Hagopian reports he and another officer were on patrol in a marked vehicle on Post Road at approximately 7 p.m. Jan. 16 when they observed a black, four-door sedan bearing California license plates swerving as it traveled from Chestnut Street to the Route 37 westbound entrance.

A motor vehicle stop was initiated on Route 37. The operator was reportedly told the officers he did not possess and active driver’s license, and he was unable to provide valid registration or proof of insurance. A subsequent check found the vehicle’s plates were connected to a 1999 Chevrolet with an expired registration, not the Infiniti G20 sedan that had been stopped. The Infiniti’s VIN was also tied to a canceled registration.

Hagopian reports the vehicle’s operator was also found to be wanted on an active arrest warrant from Cranston Police on a charge of possession of marijuana, more than one ounce. Checks of the vehicle’s two passengers came back negative. Officers also reportedly found 8.1 grams of marijuana in the vehicle’s center console while conducting an inventory.

Nathan Mercado, 18, of 161 Montgomery St., Pawtucket, was taken into custody on the warrant and issued a summons on a charge of possession of marijuana, one ounce or less. He was additionally issued citations for laned roadway violations, display of registration plates and operating a motor vehicle with a canceled registration. He was later transferred to the custody Cranston Police.