Preppy Style

Local designer David Norton on his line of nautical accessories

The Bay Magazine ·

When I look at your Lemon & Line bracelets, I think “preppy” and “nautical.” Is that how you’d describe your personal style?
I think if I had to describe my style it’d be functional with a subtle prep. Sure, I own polo shirts, Nantucket reds and Sperry Top-Siders, but I’m more of a jeans and t-shirt guy. Granted, most of my t-shirts are from J. Crew. The functional element of my style comes from my actual participation in the sport of sailing. Layering is critical to comfort on the water, and anywhere for that matter.

How long have you been sailing?
I think I might have salt water in my blood. I grew up cruising onboard my family’s Pearson 36, Orion. We keep her in Barrington and I’m fortunate enough to sail her all summer long. I’m humbled by other sailing adventures in the British Virgin Islands, Tahiti and Bora Bora. In addition to my leisure sailing, I’m also part of a great racing program onboard Steve Thurston’s J29, The Mighty Puffin. We travel the coast, participating in various regattas. We placed first at Charleston Race Week last April and second in our class at Block Island Race Week this past summer. Sailing is my passion.

Your bracelets are handcrafted in Newport, where you live. Do you have a “hand” in the manufacturing process?
To date, every bracelet we’ve ever sold has been made in Newport by my wife, Elizabeth, and I. We use a variety of materials, but the core of our products are constructed using double braid line. This is the real deal, as seen on boats; it’s functional, recognizable and fashionable.

Where can I buy your bracelets? More importantly, can I afford them?
They look expensive... in a good way. They’re far from expensive, as I never want price to be what keeps our bracelets off the wrists of people who want them. Hopefully you’ll be able to buy them at your favorite local shops soon, but until then you can go online to purchase.

Tell us about your Pink Boat bracelet.
That bracelet was created to help Thomas Watson raise money for the Breast Cancer Foundation. Tom has a personal goal of raising one million dollars for the foundation before he sets said around the globe, solo, onboard his 28-foot boat, Darwind. I’ve always believed in helping good causes and we donate 50% of the proceeds from our pink bracelets to Tom’s efforts. To date, it’s one of our top-selling products.

I hear you’re a new dad. Do tell.
Indeed I am! Elle Margaret Norton came into our lives on January 1, at 3:41pm. I am head over heels in love with this little girl. We’re truly grateful for her health and look forward to the adventures to come.

How long until she’s sporting Lemon & Line?
Well, the whole family wears them, so it’s only a matter of time. We offer many colors, styles and sizes so we have something for everyone, children included. Our extra-small was developed for kids; my nieces and nephews love the fact that they can swap pieces of bracelets, taking half from one and half from another. Elle will be wearing hers just as soon as her hands come out of her Onesie sleeve.

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