Protecting Your Items — and the Earth — When Moving



Moving is a big job – and it can be a wasteful one, too, considering all of the packing material required. Make moving more sustainable with these eco-friendly tips:

Space Saving: Using thinner sustainable wrapping to secure your breakables avoids the need for excess storage and boxes. Flourish Brand Honeycomb Cushion Wrap, made with 40% recycled content, offers a customizable way to pack boxes efficiently. The die-cut honeycomb stretches easily with interlocking paper that attaches to itself, so no tape is needed. Once you unpack, the paper can be directly recycled, or stored to be reused.

Folding In: Instead of using tape, fold your box tops in an interlocked, neat manner. They’ll stack up easily inside your vehicle, maximizing packing space, plus you won’t need to use any additional materials. Unpack your items without tearing or ripping your box, then recycle or fold it flat to store for future use.

Stacking Up: Ensure your plates and serving ware stay scratch-free by using a protective layer between each item. Made of recycled content, Flourish Brand 100% Recycled Kraft Paper provides lasting security for traveling to your new home.

Blanketed: Oversized or uniquely shaped home décor can be exceptionally fragile and isn’t always easy to squeeze into standard storage containers. When packing your vehicle, incorporate padding by wrapping these items in spare blankets, comforters or oversized towels. You’ll minimize the risk of damage to the items and have zero waste.