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September is possibly one of the busiest months of the year for people, especially those with families. With juggling school, work, and after school activities, finding time to make balanced, healthy meals is difficult.
A new concept in ready-to-eat meals has hit the market with quality and convenience on the menu.

Good4uri is a new company that delivers delicious, nutritious meals right to your door.
The brainchild of Cindie DeMello, a personal trainer turned culinary artist, the new business is the first of its kind in the East Bay and is growing in popularity. They currently deliver to Barrington, Bristol, Warren, and Riverside, but are expanding to meet the needs of their growing clientele in outlying areas.

Over the course of Cindie’s 25 years in the fitness industry, she noticed the need for healthy, calorie and ingredient-conscious food. She found that a major roadblock keeping people from reaching their health goals was time — the time it took to plan, shop, and cook healthy meals.
After attending Johnson & Wales University, Cindie had all the ingredients to launch good4uri, a healthy meal delivery service with a personal trainer’s stamp of approval. 
She and her business partner, Sous Chef Tanya DiMarco, an experienced cook who adds those last-minute touches to the healthy, yummy food and keeps the meal delivery business running, create delicious meals that will make the body and soul happy.
“When people eat real food, made from scratch, with no preservatives, they feel better, look better and live better. Food, like life, is about balance. You need the right balance of carbs, protein, fat and taste. And I believe that what is good for your body is good for your soul,” Chef Cindie said.

The healthy, nutritious and tasty meals that they deliver start out as locally sourced, fresh produce and meats that are delivered the day before they cook. All of their cooking is done at Hope & Main in Warren, Rhode Island, a culinary business incubator with code-compliant, shared-use commercial kitchens. 
All of the food is prepared from scratch with the exception of a few products that they like to use from other Hope & Main businesses. They also buy from farmer’s markets and other local sources.
The menu changes weekly and some recent offerings included: Honey Ginger Chicken with Orange Rice and Green Beans, Roasted Shrimp and Vegetables with Sautéed Chickpeas, Roasted Beet & Asian Pear Salad with Grilled Chicken and Goat Cheese.

Since launching earlier this year, they have gained a loyal clientele – from individuals to entire families.
“It is so great to have four or five cooked meals in the fridge ready to go when I get home from work. I do not worry about shopping or cooking.  The meals are delicious – some of my recent favorites are the fig salad with chicken, the tofu with peanut sauce and riced cauliflower, and the salmon with quinoa,” said client Maura Contrata.
All of the meals are completely cooked and only require reheating. It is recommended to reheat your meal; however, meals can be eaten cold.
All meals are packaged with a label that includes an “enjoy by” date. Meals delivered on Sunday can be enjoyed until Friday of that week. Meals that are delivered on Wednesday and can be enjoyed until Monday.

Ordering made easy

The menu changes weekly and is posted every Saturday. Clients visit their website to place an order. You have until Tuesday at 6 p.m. to place your order for meal delivery for the following week. 
To ensure freshness, they deliver meals twice a week. Deliveries are made on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. They offer two meal deliveries a week, one on Sunday evening and the other on Wednesday evening. They will text approximately 15 to 45 minutes before the delivery is expected to reach your home.
They will be sure to sufficiently ice the delivery bag, however, bags cannot be left out for more than a couple of hours especially in the warmer weather.
If a client is not able to be home at the time of your delivery, they ask that you let them know.
There is an option to pick-up meals on Mondays and Thursdays any time after 5 a.m. and before 8 p.m. at Body Natural Fitness Center in Barrington.


All items are individually priced. There will be a volume or basket discount over a certain amount. Delivery is free if you order over $75 a week, otherwise it will be $5. When you order, you will create an account and enter your credit card number through PayPal. This will allow you to reorder easily using just your password. The ordering sheet will show the meals available in each delivery cycle. 
The chefs can accommodate most allergies and food sensitivities. All of the meals are gluten free and they cook with very little dairy but can fulfill requests for dairy-free meals. 
To learn more about this service, go to or email Chef Cindie at

Look for good4uri on Sundays at the Schoolyard Market at Hope and Main. Come see them from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Sundays.
They offer energy bites and breakfast bars and serve new and exciting meals and side dishes weekly like quinoa, corn, and edamame salad. Supplies are limited so hurry to their tent!



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