Report of council run-in got it all wrong ·

To the editor:
It is a shame on your reporting etiquette as you have that knack of taking the heart of the story and turning it around. This is in reference to the article in July 26th paper Headline “Police remove man from town council meeting” Your online version on was a better version, but this article missed the entire process of my complaint. If you are going to report story I know the 1st rule is to obtain the facts. As you were sitting in the audience at this meeting you are reporting a one side view from you. Had you bother to contact me, you might have found out the real issue as why I went to the council for some action on the wrong doing of our Town Manager and Solicitor. Had you reported my side of the story, maybe your headline would have been different and not so Making me out to be a bad person! Since you did not obtain the facts I will explain them now. The Town Manager and Town officials have been at battle with the lack of ADA services ever since my demand to fix Metacom ave sidewalk back in February, 2016. Because the Manager did not act on it, caused me to file civil action against the town as my scooter was damaged when the motor shorted out from the free standing water on the sidewalks. The Town refused to repair the sidewalk even after being told by the State DOT it was the Towns responsibility. Even thou
I settled the suit, they (Town Officials) keeping ignoring taking any action to start some type of repair. This has lead to a battle of words, as I do call the town officials liars as I have written proof them making statements that are false. In early June, I received an email by the Town Manager responding to a previous email, where he states from my language in my email, that I must be in Litigation mode, therefore he has told all Town Employees not to speak to me; I belief that is called a GAG order, when they say they never stated at the 7/11 council meeting. My concerns of this false statement by the Manager was addressed as this litigation is a figment of his imagination and does not exist. Since this issue started there has been no documentation received by the Town that would indicate there is legal action pending. The action of the Council President was not only “OUT OF ORDER”but a personal attack against me. Your paper has addressed another headline as I am UN-RULY, What did I do to label me as UN-RULY? All because I address an illegal issue by Town Officials that are attacking me to cover up their actions and they are afraid of further legal action. I have and continue to have my Civil Rights violated by this Town Council and officials, they now it and are afraid of further civil actions in Court. So they dream up these false allegations trying to portray me as a bad person. I am advocating for safer sidewalks and better ADA for the Citizens of Warren. So stop portraying me as a Bad Citizen, Do your job and follow the law. There is nothing to fear if you to that. And Mr. Hayes stop placing stories in your paper until you have all the facts.
Dave Silvia
Child Street