Reviving the Holiday Spirit at Revival Massage and Bodyworks

Recharge with a massage

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I really suck at taking time for myself. I usually ignore my own needs and focus on getting other things done, or I find myself concentrating on everyone else’s needs. This holiday season, I’m vowing to change that. An hour to myself – especially an hour spent on a massage table – is going to revive my holiday spirit. Or at least, when I book an appointment at Revival Massage and Bodyworks, I hope it will.

When I arrive for my treatment, I walk into a lovely waiting room and am immediately introduced to owners Jessica Lavoie and Morgan Woodard. Morgan asks me if I want to select a few upgrades for my massage. I choose the hot stone massage as well as an aromatherapy session, opting for lavender, a scent that I can’t seem to get enough of.

Morgan takes me into the room where my massage will be and asks me about what she should work on. I tell her that I carry my stress in my back, and, to make matters worse, I had slept wrong and had been in pain all morning. I get onto the massage table and take a deep breath. Morgan hasn’t even started the massage, and I find myself starting to relax. The room is just that calming. With dark colors on the walls juxtaposed with soft lighting, it’s easy to start getting into my comfort zone. I close my eyes as a soft music begins to fill the room. Then I’m hit with the smell of lavender, my aromatherapy add-on doing just the trick. I breathe in and out, letting the scent consume me.

I feel the pressure of Morgan’s hands as she starts to massage my poor, aching back. It’s as if she can read where the pain is on my body, running her hands over the sore spots and helping to move the muscles around them so they began to relax. The pressure is perfect, not too hard, and not too soft. I feel my muscles moving and stretching. I always know when I’m fully relaxed because my body starts to feel a little like jelly. I had gone from tense and stiff to relaxed and in a jelly-like state in a mere five minutes. A new record.

Morgan stops the massage briefly and gets the hot stones that I requested. She lays them on my back and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt something so amazing. The heat of the stones feel like they warm me from the outside in. After the stones, Morgan has me lay on my back as she massages my legs, my arms, neck, scalp and face.

After the massage, the jelly feeling stays. I feel totally, completely and utterly relaxed. I have taken the time to treat myself, and I feel absolutely pampered. Revival Massage and Bodyworks allowed me to spoil myself and take the “me” time that I absolutely needed – and I’m gonna go ahead and say it – deserved. In fact, Revival did just that – it revived me. I left feeling like I could take on the world.

Revival Massage and Bodyworks
1 Meeting Street

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