RI's Lato & the Nevers Drop Their Debut EP

Narragansett musician Greg Lato releases his country music dream project

So Rhode Island Magazine ·

Narragansett musician Greg Lato has no problem with dipping his toes into different genres. As a songwriter who has done work with recording artists (Billy Gilman, Jimmy McGorman) and for television (MTV, A&E), Greg knows a thing or two about mixing up his sound depending on the project. Country in particular has always struck a chord with him, and as he explains it, “With every project I’ve done as a solo artist, it always started with the intention of leaning more country than pop, but being from the Northeast, there wasn’t a lot of encouragement.” Pop rock kept winning the day, until now.

With the help of some of New York and Nashville’s best, Greg put out the country record he’s long believed he had in him. The EP, Fire Between Us, debuts his country project Lato & The Nevers and is five tracks of good ol’ country heartache. Lost love, longing and a tongue in cheek look at a relationship’s quirks get the twangy, pop country treatment, and all of it should sound right at home blasting out of the truck’s stereo at a summer cookout.

“I decided to go with my heart instead of my head and take that leap,” Greg says of finally diving headfirst into country, and he wears that heart on every track. 

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