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Ruffin’ Wranglers Dog Excursions

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Can you describe the dog excursions you offer?
Dog excursions give dogs the opportunity to run and play freely on our enclosed seven acre ranch in Rehoboth. The wide open space allows the dogs to exercise and have fun with other dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. Dogs have been enjoying our excursions for over 10 years.

Can you share some unique services that you provide to our canine companions?
We provide transportation for each dog, both to and from the ranch in our “Sniff Mobiles” and service Providence’s East Side, West Side and Downtown areas, Pawtucket’s Oak Hill, Barrington, Rumford and Southern Seekonk. Each excursion group is supervised by our professional dog handlers, or “The Wranglers.” We post videos and pictures to Facebook throughout the day and also send clients videos of their dogs in doggie nirvana!

Do the owners need to be home when you pick up their dogs?

No, the owners do not need to be home. Our wranglers have access to each home as we require a formal introduction process with each new client. We set up a meet and greet where one of the Ruffin’ Wranglers managers goes to the client’s home to meet with them and become acquainted with their dog.

What is a Sniff Mobile?
Our seven Sniff Mobiles are essentially taxis made for dogs. Designed to be safe and comfortable for canines, each is equipped with gym flooring as well as a see-through divider separating the dogs from the front driver.

What is the dog excursion schedule?
Dog Excursions are offered Monday through Friday. We require a two-day per week minimum for each dog. The continuity is necessary for them to understand the drill, as dogs thrive on consistency. It’s equally important for our wranglers to get to know the dogs’ personalities, likes and dislikes. We offer half day and full day sessions. Full day excursions are roughly 10am-3pm depending on where the client lives. Half day excursions are either in the morning or afternoon for about 2.5 hours.

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