Sacrificing public safety

The Cranston Herald ·

To the Editor:

“FIX NICS Act” is an outrageous attempt to strip the rights of states to regulate the safe and responsible use or weapons by its citizens. Republicans rail about abusive and oppressive federal mandates and laws. Until they collude with the NRA about guns. By combining the need to strengthen reporting to the national background check database, with a dangerous and onerous concealed reciprocity weapons provision they are sacrificing public safety.

This maneuver strips the rights of states to regulate who is responsible and has a need for a concealed weapon. Our state has a serious process that balances community safety with the need to carry a concealed gun. This bill would force Rhode Island to allow concealed gun permit holders from every state to carry a loaded concealed weapon.

To be blunt, I don’t trust Idaho and Arizona, which have no permit process – anyone who wants to carry can! That may be fine for the Wild West, but not for Rhode Island. Our state is a vacation destination – I don’t want to be in a restaurant on Federal Hill with a vacationer from West Virginia carrying a loaded concealed weapon – do you? 

Tom Wojick