Scouts get schooled in Council procedures

The Cranston Herald ·

On election eve when most candidates were fine tuning their election day strategy, Ward 5 Councilman Chris Paplauskas hosted 20 Arrow of Light Pack 6 Cub Scouts along with their siblings and parents at City Hall.

"The scouts visited city hall to discuss the rule of law, their responsibilities as a citizen and to speak with an elected official. This is a requirement they have as a Webelos. They have to fulfill it before they cross over to be Boy Scouts the end of January," Paplauskas said.

"I learned that there are 6 ward representatives and 3 city-wide representatives in Cranston. I feel like I know much more about government now," said Ryan Dellinger.

Paplauskas talked about the ballot questions, how elections work, and how the government here in the city is set up and how it operates

"Speaking to the scouts was amazing and full circle. Not only do I remember sitting in City Hall as a scout many years ago, I was able to speak with pack 6 with my own son in attendance as a scout. It was so much fun talking with this great group of future leaders and I was impressed with what they already knew and how as scouts they help in our community all year long," he said. 

The Scouts themselves, all took away different lessons from the evening.

Peter Grammas said, "I liked being able to talk to a councilman about how things get done in Cranston, I also liked sitting in his seat."

"I liked how Mr. Paplauskas told us the history of Cranston City Hall and about the things the people would be voting on in the November 6 election," Christopher Frias said.

Bobby Stevens said, "I learned that the community cares about our environment."

"It was fun learning about what our local representatives do to help better our communities," said Ryan Chase.

Lastly, without any personal bias Aidan Paplauskas said, "I loved learning about our city government, how it operates and makes out city better and spending time with my dad as we learned about it.”


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