Shore City shreds the outdoor stage at Dusk

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Live music has slowly been making its way back into existence around Rhode Island since phase three of the state’s reopening process began.

A few establishments have been putting on outdoor shows in a socially distanced setting since the start of July, and it has been a success in terms of attendance and people staying safe.

One of the places that has been pulling this off has been Dusk at 301 Harris Ave. in Providence, with bands performing on the weekends.

Cranston punks Shore City have been itching to get back to performing in front of an audience and they’ll be doing so at the venue on Aug. 29 at 8 p.m. They’ll be joined by Boston rock ‘n’ roll act Diablogato for what should be a fun night.

One of the members of Shore City is bassist and vocalist Mike Moura, who you might remember from the interview he did with this publication over a month ago about his other band, Rival Roots. He decided to have another chat ahead of the upcoming show about how Shore City has been doing lately, new stickers and working on new music.

ROB DUGUAY: How have you guys been holding up over the past few months with COVID-19 going on?

MIKE MOURA: It's the worst, but we’re trying to stay productive while writing new songs and making merch. I’m currently building a bandspace in my basement. You know, just anything to keep our minds off of the coronavirus stuff.

RD: Speaking of making merch, recently you guys got some stickers made. Who created the sick black and white design?

MM: Glad you like them! I try to stay busy making logos, editing photos, making fliers and other things. These I made right on my phone with a graphic design application. It’s another little side project on top of everything else.

RD: Very cool. Is Shore City chomping at the bit to play a show again with the gig at Dusk coming up?

MM: We’re pretty stoked to play a gig, and with a great band like Diablogato. We know we just retired our current set of songs but we really just wanted to play them again. I guess we’ll pull the set out of retirement for Providence.

RD: What are your feelings going into the show with the social distancing guidelines? Do you feel weird about it or do you plan on taking what you can get at this point?

MM: Well, I’m not too happy about seated guests but I’m stoked it’s outside, to breathe in some city air will feel good. I think it’ll be alright. Again, we’re just happy to get out of the house and play some punk rock. We need some normalcy.

RD: I hear that, especially these days.

MM: Definitely.

RD: You guys announced back in May that you’re working on a new album. How far along are you with it and can we expect it to come out anytime soon?

MM: Yeah, we’re about halfway through writing the new set of songs. We’re not currently recording, it’s more about just trying to find time to record our first album. Maybe even some of these new songs could end up being on it, who knows? We’re really just focused on writing right now and we want to come back with all new songs. That’s the goal right now.

Expect 2021 to be a great year for Shore City. To learn more about Shore City, follow the band on Facebook or visit www.soundcloud.com/shorecity.

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