Skyscrapers to hear how to photograph planets

Warwick Beacon ·

Photographing a planet is by far the hardest thing to do with film (yes, some people still use it), with cameras and software. Conrad Cardano, longtime Skyscrapers member, will demonstrate how he does capture Venus, Saturn and Jupiter using a camera attached to his small refracting telescope, plus easy software, to come up with very close-to-professional results at the Feb. 1 meeting of Skyscrapers, Inc. The meeting will be held at Barus & Holley, Brown's Physics Building, Hope Street, Providence, Room 168 at 7 p.m.

Conrad Cardano has been a member for many years. His interests include, besides planets, the Sun and its changing number of sunspots.

Skyscrapers, Inc., the Amateur Astronomical Society of Rhode Island, is a nonprofit organization begun in 1932 by Brown University Astronomy Professor Charles Smiley. Its mission is to educate its members and the public on all matters pertaining to astronomy. For more information concerning the organization visit