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Stylish Shopping on Four Wheels

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Missie Yachimski didn’t let a ceiling and four walls form her ideas on fashion. Always dreaming of opening a boutique, she decided to go out on a limb and try her hand at a rolling store that would bring clothes to the client. Post & Grove is now a reality, an old red laundry truck with all sorts of accessories and items for men and women on board. We spoke with Missie about her truck and style inspirations.

Tell me what led you to own a mobile boutique.
Growing up I loved fashion and styling, but designing not so much. I had countless visions in my head and I enjoyed hunting for the pieces. I remember, as an only child, I would dress up my dolls (of which there were a lot) for “parties and gatherings,” and get annoyed when the outfits didn’t look right for the event. As I think about it now, it seems that fashion was always an undertone for me. 

My friends and I all had humble beginnings working local retail in places like Abercrombie & Fitch. Now these friends hold positions in the fashion industry like buyer for Fred Segal and top floral designer for The Four Seasons Hotel in LA. But it wasn’t until some nudging from my inner circle and my umpteenth breakdown working in corporate that I took the leap to pursue my happiness – fashion. I had never been more scared in my life. As the days passed, the tears and fears turned into smiles, along with the hope and excitement I had been craving in a career. The fact that I now had to become the boss, a buyer, a truck driver, a mechanic, a business owner and a thousand other titles did not deter me.

How did you decide on a clothing truck?
It gives me the financial freedom to pursue my dreams that a brick-and-mortar location just couldn’t. When I began to think about opening a store of my own, I had trouble finding a location that seemed like the right place for me. The costs and fees as well as making the place a destination to shop were
daunting. So when a friend mentioned seeing successful mobile boutiques on the West Coast, I found an old laundry truck for sale and decided to bite the bullet. With some TLC from friends, I tore it apart to create this boutique you see today, dressing room included.
What can we discover inside?
Post & Grove carries new and timeworn clothing and accessories for men and women. Items range from vintage Levi’s jeans, Red Wing boots and beard oil to aviator glasses, trucker hats, Lilly Pulitzer skirts, cashmere sweaters, bags, belts and candles. You can come in for an entire outfit head to toe, or just find that perfect accessory that complements your look and becomes your “new favorite.” Each item is handpicked to ensure quality and that unique feel so the customer doesn’t have to feel like they look like everyone else.

What’s your favorite place to look for inspiration when buying pieces for the truck?
Everywhere from amazing, accomplished designers and people on the street to estate sales. Ralph Lauren is one of my go-to’s for his timeless classic Americana look that reminds me of the New England that I grew up in. Lilly Pulitzer is great for her use of color and patterns, and she makes it feel normal to wear your pearls all year. Tom Ford is a favorite for the simple elegance he projects. These designers all have pieces that stand the test of time and are never out of style. Those perfectly broken-in jeans people compliment you on all the time. That cashmere cable-knit sweater you grab time and time again because it fits like it was made for you. That is at the heart of what I want to offer people. Classic Americana with a time-worn twist.

What’s on your summer essentials wardrobe list?
I was reading a fashion article a while back and the author described her summer style as “the shipwrecked Kennedys.” That pretty much sums up my style ideas for the New England summer and what I aspire to offer: sun-bleached, white tees, lightweight cashmere sweaters for cool beach nights, faded seersucker shorts that used to be pants, anything madras, perfectly cut blazers in a lightweight fabric, Nantucket rope bracelets your mother would have to cut off you at the end of the summer, flip flops or loafers, pearls and a tan.

Where can we find Post & Grove this summer?
We’ll be hitting the road all over the place. Local festivals and flea markets, a few concerts here and there. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find us!

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