The Becky Chace Band Releases New Album

Barrington roots rockers hit the music scene with Wire Girl

The Bay Magazine ·

Barrington roots rocker Becky Chace is a name you can trust. After nearly two decades of consistently great live performances and releases, expectations can become daunting, but consistent is the key word there. Whether as a solo performer or operating with the Becky Chace Band, one can always be sure that goods will in fact be delivered. Case in point: Wire Girl, the latest from the Becky Chace Band.

On the new album, Becky, brothers Brian and Mark Minisce, and Eric Hastings leave no stone unturned as they deliver 12 cuts of old school, down and dirty rock and roll.  “Ain’t Nobody’s Fool” opens things with a honky tonk bounce. “Don’t Give It Away” comes with a slinky, bluesy edge and “Ride the Wave” has a kind of swagger that Mick and Keith could get behind. In between you’ll find slow jams like “Living Ain’t Right” and the sexy, R&B-flavored “I Like It.” On paper that may read as a little all over the map, but the territory this map covers is firmly in the Becky Chace Band’s wheelhouse. Wire Girl exists in the place where the only real difference between a handful of genres is what kind of love song, heartache or killer guitar lick you need to get out of your system. The Becky Chace Band covers a lot of ground, but you’ll be dancing along with them every step of the way.


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