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The Dessert of the Future

Unbaked, gluten-free, vegan and paleo treats have never been so deliciou

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As humans continue to live longer lives, what we put into our bodies becomes evermore important. Rather than stereotype alternative eating styles as mere fads, why not embrace new flavors, new baking and cooking styles and new ingredients? That is exactly what Buckleberry Foods has done with their line of raw, vegan, gluten-free and paleo desserts.

“Its all about the food,” explains Buckleberry Foods owner and creator David Buckler. “Our imbalance with nature is reflected by, and starts with, our food chain and what we put into our bodies. When we take small steps towards taking better care of ourselves, this action creates a ripple effect by helping those around us and ultimately helping the planet, which can use as much help as it can get right now.” He continues, “A growing tide of people are demanding healthier food... Buckleberry Foods is the future of food, an indulgence in its purest form.”

What started as a hobby in his apartment to supplement his income in western Massachusetts has found its new home in the old Handkerchief Factory on Main Street in Warren. The space he’s created is the most relaxed environment he’s ever worked in, and he hopes the positive energy of the space transfers to his products. And his products, oh boy, I hope you're ready for something delicious and nutritious. Although David is biased towards coffee and espresso flavors, the un-bakery items he insists you try are the Espresso Cacao Crunch truffles first and his seasonal favorite, Blueberry Lavender, to cleanse the palate afterwards. “This flavor sensation can really change the direction of your day,” he says.

Then again, The Dark Forest Superfood Truffles speak for themselves. “It is a tapestry of color that delivers the goods in the form of wide-eyed expressions of gastronomic bliss,” David explains. “It starts with a shredded coconut and date crust, followed by green spirulina mousse, chocolate mousse and a goji berry on top.” Inside, people see four different levels of un-baked paleo goodness. “I like to tell people that they are basically detoxing by eating this treat. Between the coconut oil, the goji berry and spirulina, it is truly a superfood delight!”

And where, dear reader, can you pick up these health conscious treats? A Market and Keen-Wah Superfood Eatery in Newport, The Green Grocer in Portsmouth and various Whole Foods. “We currently have two product lines in the 38 Whole Foods stores throughout New England and we are aggressively expanding our number of independent food co-ops within the region,” he notes. “My goal is to have a good balance of large corporate customers with an equal number of smaller ‘mom and pop’ stores. I eventually see Buckleberry Foods on retail shelves and bakery cases throughout the country, with expanded and new product lines emerging in the near future.” 

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