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The Mint Gallery Spotlights Local Makers

A new Bristol gallery has something for everyone

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We all know that Bristol is a beautiful area, home to many shops and restaurants, making it the perfect place to open a new business. With the official opening of The Mint Gallery, Hope Street becomes home to yet another unique spot.

The gallery’s opening and overall design was organized by Bristol native Ethan Tucker. When Ethan first saw the building, he admired its original features so much that he decided to restore it even though other visitors didn’t understand the draw. “It was a special diamond in the rough,” Ethan explains. “I don’t think a lot of people could see the potential.”

To complete the restoration, Ethan and his team spent a lot of time at New England Demolition and Salvage. Using the antique materials they gathered, the team created stunning pieces like the chandelier made out of a door and LED lights, which greets guests as soon as they walk in. Ethan is proud to say that their goal of preserving the history of the space has been accomplished, as the floors and furniture in the gallery are over a hundred years old. The end result is an open space complimented by hardwood floors and a clean coat of white paint.

After the restoration was finished, Ethan amassed a collection of locally sourced, diverse art, which includes everything from marble sculptures to oil paintings. Every artist featured is from Rhode Island and many come right from Bristol. In keeping with his goal to display every kind of art, Tucker plans to incorporate local food artisans. All of the food will utilize Rhode Island chefs as well as homegrown ingredients and seafood. “That’s really part of the vision as well: focusing on and protecting all of the amazing assets we have right here,” Ethan explains.

The gallery will host events, including Wine and Paint Nights, art classes, monthly signature food nights and more. The doors are open now, so stop by to see the artfully restored space and check out all of the local talent.

The Mint Gallery
433 Hope Street, Bristol


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