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Tiverton’s Tiffany Peay Jewelry Opens a New Location in Newport

Healing gemstones come to the City by the Sea

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We all love a timeless piece of beautiful jewelry, but what if it was more than just a fashionable accessory? Crystals and gemstones have been used for healing and spiritual purposes for centuries – so how much of an effect could they have if incorporated more into your life? Tiffany Peay of Tiffany Peay Jewelry explores just that with the breathtaking gemstone pieces she creates.

Tiffany makes everything by hand in her studio in Tiverton. “Color, movement and healing are our trademarks,” says Tiffany, with bright gemstones and colored gold as the base of all the jewelry. Each of the handcrafted rings, earrings and necklaces are incredibly radiant, delicate and energetic. Glass water bottles with removable gemstone pods are also highly popular, as well as gem wands to put in pitchers. “Water is extremely programmable – it takes on the attributes of the different gemstones in the water,” explains Tiffany, “so the healing properties of the gem can be taken on through the water.”

After receiving a BFA in metalsmithing and glass working in Virginia, Tiffany moved to New York City and opened Tiffany Peay Jewelry in 1997 out of her apartment in the Lower East Side. She was highly successful there, opening a gallery and studio, launching her original moving stone collection with Barneys and expanding clients to Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Banana Republic and smaller high-end retailers. In 2007, Tiffany opened her bucolic Tiverton Four Corners location. Now, a new store has arrived in Newport as Tiffany Peay Jewel Box.

You can shop online at her website, which also features more detailed information on the gemstones, their history and healing properties. Of course, there’s nothing quite like seeing the gems and jewelry to experience them for yourself, so pop into one of the locations to really get a feel for these unique pieces.

Tiffany Peay Jewel Box
152 Mill Street, Newport


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