Toe tapping to the theme

Warwick Beacon ·

Saturday night is theme night at Dancing Feeling on Post Road and the “Oldies” brought out the dancers Saturday. Surely some of them remembered the music of the ’50s, but then you didn’t have to be an “oldie” to swing to the music or learn some not so new dance steps.
The Saturday turnout included students from local college ballroom dance clubs and a good many regulars like Dr. Patti Koch who, ever since she took to the stage as a celebrity dancer with the Mentor Rhode Island Dancing With the Stars of Mentoring, has discovered her passion for dancing. And then there was Don Fife, who frequently attends Warwick City Council meetings in jeans and a t-shirt with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in one sleeve – no, there weren’t any cigarettes in the pack.
Theme evenings start with a lesson at 7:15 and transition at 8 into dancing until 11. It’s a free flowing environment with people exchanging partners and taking a break to nibble on a spread of chips, dips, fruits and vegetables. There are no alcoholic beverages. The cost is $15 per person and $10 for college students. Saturday theme nights are held year round. This coming Saturday is Mardi Gras ballroom dance. Dancing Feeling will provide the beads. Dancers are urged to wear green, gold, purple and a mask. (Text and photos by John Howell)