‘Torn’ underscores artists’ sensitivity for the environment

The Cranston Herald ·

On Nov. 8, a new art exhibit opened at the Artists’ Exchange “Torn” featuring the work of Cranston resident, Linda A. Peterson. Approximately 50 guests and art enthusiasts attended to view the unique collages work and paintings.

“The collages that make up this show are created using torn or cut images and colors from current print media, mostly magazines,” said Peterson. “I have been creating collages as an artistic expression for most of my life. When my children were young, we would have ‘collage-a thons’ on the dining room table. It was a way for me to engage with them, introduce a creative medium and fulfill my need to create.”

Peterson explained that work she did for Torn evolved out of a personal challenge she made for herself.

“My usual format is small, 5” x 7” or post card size. As I began working, my theme presented itself, and I challenged myself to complete at least 8 large format collages that I felt good about. I’ve attached my artist statement to clarify the vision of this body of work,” said Peterson.

The show also includes some unrelated but beautiful collages pieces by Artists’ Exchange members.

“I am torn,” wrote Peterson. “We all are aware of the issues arising due to our actions on the planet: climate change, plastic pollution, unchecked population growth. We have been taught that we as humans are the superior species and have separated ourselves from and squashed nature by building an unsustainable man-made environment. We have been taught to consume without consequences.”

“This series of collages has been inspired by the changes that I have witnessed in my lifetime, the changes inflicted on the planet, and the changes we need to make to once again strike a balance and embrace our place as protectors of the earth and its diverse population of species,” wrote Peterson.

At home Peterson is very sensitive to the environment; reusing plastic, compost and recycles.

She hopes her work will open the eyes of others to change their ways and to demand changes in industry.

“I hope individuals will begin to educate themselves and be aware of not just the problems, but the research and solutions that others are working on both globally and locally,” said Peterson.

The show will be up through Dec.1 at the Artists’ Exchange, located at 50 Rolfe Sq.