Treat Yo'self at Inspire Spa & Wellness Center

Owner Jennifer Serafin on everything from botox to Vanquish treatments

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Jennifer Serafin (a certified laser specialist) and Pamela Lutes (RN, BSN) are best friends who dreamed of opening a spa together, and who finally made that dream come true. Narragansett’s Inspire Medical Spa and Wellness Center has been open since February, offering spa, holistic and cosmetic procedures. Here, Jennifer dishes on looking and feeling great in the fall.

I love that Spa by Inspire is a combination of holistic treatments like reiki and reflexology, and medical procedures like Botox and Juvederm. That’s not a blend you see often. What inspired that?
As business partners and best friends, we both have personal interests in cosmetic aesthetics and healing therapies. We liked the idea of blending both inner and outer beauty services in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that cares about the person as a whole.

How do you determine whether someone needs something minimal, like a facial with an added chemical peel, or a more intensive procedure like phototherapy?
Skin care is a multi-faceted process, facials support basic skin health, along with professional products, and phototherapy and injections address aging and damaged skin with incredible results. Facials would therefore be a routine maintenance program, and phototherapy and injections will restore a more youthful appearance.

Let’s talk about sun damage. Is there any way to reverse it? Because let me tell you, I’m a beach bum, and every year my guilt and anxiety over laying out on the beach and damaging my skin grows more and more.
Actually BBL (Broad Band Light) addresses just that issue. Stanford University performed a 12-year study that proves that BBL changes the RNA and DNA of skin cells to resemble those of more youthful skin. What that means for you is that the molecular structure of your skin actually changes, not only will you look younger but your skin will physically be younger after a series of treatments.

I’ve heard that Broad Band Light laser therapy not only helps with sun damage, it has other skin benefits. What are they?
Other than reversing the signs of aging, specific results include: decreased pigmented lesions, such as age spots and freckles, vascular lesions, such as spider veins and rosacea, hair removal, skin texture, pore size, elasticity and collagen renewal.

I think that when people think about cosmedical procedures, they assume Botox – which smoothes out lines – is the only option. How else can we enhance our looks with minimally invasive treatments?

There are a variety of options for neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin and Dysport) that soften and erase lines and wrinkles. They allow the muscles to relax and reduce the facial expressions that create the wrinkles and lines that age us the most. Fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane and the newer Belotero offer wonderful results with restoring volume as well as filling deeper and superficial lines, creating a more youthful appearance.

Let’s talk about facials. What do you recommend for September, if I’ve spent the summer at the beach?
Every person is different. Our recommendation for each person is customized based on what bothers them the most and their personal skin type and condition. We love creating relationships with our clients, and creating an overall plan that can be achieved over time.

What’s this Vanquish I’m hearing so much about?

We cannot say enough about the Vanquish. Vanquish targets the core of the body: the abdominal area, love handles, muffin top and bra fat, and they are currently creating a thigh attachment. The Vanquish kills fat cells in the treated area, and contours the body as well. It is a radio-frequency device that targets fat with fine-tune heating. The process feels like you are laying under a heating pad. The treatments last 30-45 minutes and require a series of four treatments. We think it is a great non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Inspire Medical Spa and Wellness Center. 14 Woodruff Avenue Narragansett. 284-4545.


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