Voice of racial disharmony

Johnston Sun Rise ·

To the Editor:

As there is no longer any respect or moral compass left in this deteriorating nation and as most of its inhabitants are unenlightened halfwits, why are we so concerned regarding these overpaid and undereducated imbeciles of the NFL?

If any of them had an ounce of intelligence they would be using it in some other area of expertise. The last time I checked, running and catching a spherical object did not allow one to become a MENSA candidate. Now, if the other halfwits who attend these games and enable these buffoons to continue to earn salaries that bring shame to the economies of many starving nations should begin to stay home and spend some quality time with their wife and kids, perhaps these overpaid juvenile delinquents would begin to see that they are not the voice of reason in this nation. They are the voice of racial disharmony and complete and utter idiocy. I spent 32 years in the service of my nation. Most of these entitled buffoons probably never spent 32 minutes.

It is truly sad when the population of a nation turns against itself, but then that's what most of a generation did back in the late sixties and early seventies when, as we were coming home, we were spat on and called baby killers by a pack of cowards and lowlifes.

John Cervone

North Providence