Wants old Warwick back

Warwick Beacon ·

To the Editor,

This letter concerns the upcoming mayoral election in Warwick. The choice next month will be between Richard Corrente and the current mayor, Mayor Scott Avedisian. But the choice is more than that. It is choice as to what we want Warwick to become in the future. Do we want more taxes and more city spending or less? Do we want Warwick to remain a quaint, middle class suburb of Providence, that still has ties to its rural/maritime past? Or do we Warwick in the future to be another Barrington with an airport?

That is the question this election will answer. Year after year of unending high taxes is having a profound affect on Warwick. The high taxes are turning southern Warwick into a community where only doctors and lawyers can live. I call it the East Greenwich spread. Mid -Warwick has become the property of the Airport Corporation. And northern Warwick is slowly becoming a ghost town filled with elderly people. Working class families are leaving Warwick at a high rate of speed.

If you want your "old Warwick" back then vote for Richard Corrente. Warwick is changing quickly. Richard Corrente is the only man that can part the waves and end the incoming tide of change. Without Richard Corrente at the helm Warwick will indeed be a different place twenty years from now. Sort of a mix between East Greenwich and Barrington in the south, one giant airport in the center, and an "Apartment Ville in the North. 

To paraphrase a great writer, "some men see things as they are and ask why? Richard Corrente sees things that never were and asks, why not?" Why not return Warwick to its historical roots? One has only to watch that recent movie about Rocky Point to realize what Warwick was in the past. And could be in the future. I want my "old Warwick" back.

Kevin Vealey