Warren police: Goat hops a fence, makes a break for it

Check out what the cops have been up to in Rhody's smallest town


The Warren Police Department responded to the following calls:

Monday, Jan. 26

A barking dog complaint came in from Cutler Street.

An Orchard Avenue resident reported an abandoned bicycle.

Someone driving down Miller Street shouted racial profanities at a person, who called police.

Someone complained about a person riding a dirt bike up and down Market Street.

Someone from Ivy Street called to complain that a goat jumped over a fence and ended up on Harris Avenue.

A caller from Kinnicutt Avenue reported receiving “disturbing” photos via text message. Turns out the racy pictures came in as a result of a misdial; the sender had meant them for someone else.

A woman on Wheaton Street told police that she and her daughter were at the bus stop when a man drove by and yelled racial profanities at her.

Tuesday, Sept. 27

A tan, black and white goat was reported missing from property on Ivy Street. Police reported the goat returned the next day.

Wednesday, Sept. 28

Police were called to Middle Street for a possible overdose.

Tyler J. Sarra, 18, of South Windsor, Ct., was charged with having a fake ID card after he was detained at a Metacom Avenue establishment.

Police got a complaint from Market Street that there were “wild animals” on the porch that wouldn’t leave. Police arrived and noted that the animals left.

Thursday, Sept. 29

A woman called police to ask that they check on the well-being of her son, who she believed was living in a tent near the East Bay Bicycle Path. Police looked but were unable to find him or his camp.

A Kickemuit Road woman complained about family members trespassing on her property.

A caller complained that kids were playing ball on Ellis Avenue.

Police were called to Union Street for a past domestic dispute.

A possible drunk driver was reported on Metacom Avenue.

Police were asked to check on the well-being of a man at Water and Miller streets. He appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

Roommates in a Davis Street apartment got into it, and the police were called.

Friday, Sept. 30

Joseph Paul Santos, 48, of 10 Baker St., Apt. 3, was arrested on a bench warrant issued by Sixth Division District Court in Providence.

A Market Street woman called police to report that her boyfriend, who was moving out, would not give back his key.

A Union Street man complained that his ex-girlfriend was outside his home. There is a no contact order in place, he said, noting that she drives by the home on a regular basis. Later that day, police got another call from Union. This time, the caller claimed that his ex threw a rock through his window.

A possible wire fraud scam was reported from a Metacom Avenue business.

A Child Street resident complained that someone stole his Social Security Number.

Saturday, Oct. 1

A woman requested an escort while picking up belongings.

A Norbert Street woman complained that her ex-husband would not return a vehicle registered in her name.

A possible drunk driver was reported at Arlington Avenue and Child Street.

A man and woman on Cutler Street got into a fight over an infant, and police were called.

Sunday, Oct. 2

Someone complained about a musician playing the drums on Child Street.

Police got a call about a man laying in the middle of Hezekiah Drive.

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